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Welcome to Dark Energy Consulting

We are a Top Gun team of IT consultants working in the Energy Trading environment offering Energy Trading IT training and consultancy...

Right now we have a great Glossary - specifically aimed at the Energy Trading domain - you'll get great explanations and often worked examples

Our first online training course is available for corporate and individual use: "An Introduction to Energy Trading Businesses", which is great for new starters (and maybe some old hands) in IT, Back Office and Finance

Our Glossaries

Use our glossaries to quickly look up terms and concepts, and get clear energy trading context descriptions...

Simple Glossary

Help yourself to this simple glossary of Energy Trading terms

For anything more than quick lookups - use the Detailed Glossary

Detailed Glossary

Help yourself to this detailed glossary of Energy Trading terms

Normally you will need to register or log in to use the Detailed Glossary

But right now there's no need to register - so jump right in

Our Courses

All our courses are by subscription - you will need to be registered and enrolled to access our courses

An Introduction to Energy Trading Businesses

A one to one and a half day training course introducing energy trading businesses, trading, and commodities we trade

    Site news

    An Introduction to Energy Trading Businesses course now available
    by Nick Henfrey - Friday, 26 October 2018, 7:18 AM

    Whether you work in IT, Back Office, Middle Office or Finance as Contractor or Permanent, our Introductory training course well help you understand the full end to end nature of the business, and establish your knowledge credentials

    The course is available online on a corporate, department or individual basis - contact us for more details

    In the meantime take a look at or Detailed Glossary to get a flavour of the course coverage

    The most focussed glossary and training for IT staff working in Energy Trading
    by Nick Henfrey - Sunday, 12 April 2015, 4:37 PM

    Dark Energy Consulting's consulting, training and glossaries aren't about teaching you to be a trader, or indeed about the global markets for energy commodities

    There are plenty of really good courses out there that do that

    Our resources are designed for IT staff (particularly develepors, ...

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    Detailed glossary now freely available
    by System Administrator - Monday, 20 October 2014, 7:23 AM

    We've now made the Detailed Glossary freely available without registration:

    If you're a corporate user please create an account anyway - it's great for us to know who's using our resources!

    (Edited by Nick Henfrey - original submission Monday, 20 October 2014, 7:12 AM)