In Energy Trading a commodity is generally either a form of energy itself, or a physical material that may be used to easily provide energy, or a related commodity or service. The most common commodities are oil, gas, electricity (power) and coal


Standard energy commodities are:

Electricity - almost always referred to as Power in Energy Trading environments

Gas - almost always meaning Natural Gas

Sourced from underground Natural Gas fields, and increasingly from shale

Transported in gaseous form transported through pipelines, or liquid form (LNG) in pressurized vessels and purpose built ships

Used in power stations, and directly burned for heating


Probably the most heavily traded energy commodity

Sourced as Crude Oil from underground oil fields, and increasingly, shale

Mostly refined in refineries to produce fuels for heating, transportation and use in power stations

Transported mostly by ship (tankers)


Sourced from underground coal deposits

Transported by ship, barge and truck


Fuels that are grown, or made from plants

Parts of plants may be directly burned in power station

Liquid equivalents of gasoline and diesel (biofuels) may be synthesized from plants

Related commodities and services include:

Freight - for moving solid and liquid commodities

Environmental certificates, including carbon

Foreign Exchange, FX



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